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Yay, so all of our Alice in Wonderland photos are now up! I know there are a whole lot of them, but I, Cio, was just so terribly pleased with how they turned out.... for those that don't know, I'm madly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, and with my blonde hair, I can pull off Alice pretty well. As I was getting dressed for the shoot, Chry and I were talking and she mentioned "Hey, let's do a fetish photoshoot sometime" and I was like "Well.... we could make this an Alice fetish?" Thus, the idea was born.

I'm so pleased with it, that our NEXT photoshoot is going to be a gothic, fetishy Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. I'm TERRIBLY brilliant and pleased with this idea. Atrix (the model in several of our pictures) will be Red and Chry can be the Wolf. It will be most awsome. So keep an eye out for that series, it'll be up in the next few week.

There's still more photographs to post from prom, so keep an eye out for those too. I'll post them if we get a dry patch in which there are no photoshoots for a while. I've gotten several promises from various people to model for me in the next couple months, so hopefully you guys will get rewarded with some fresh faces.

Much love to everyone and thanks for keeping an eye on us! Let us know if you have any other fairytale fetish ideas, okay?
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Hello again and again and again!

So, been uploading lots of photographs from our prom... I, Cio (in all my coolness), hauled around over 1000 dollars in photo and film equipment and just hung out and photographed everyone all night. Since everyone was all dressed up, the photographs turned out beautifully, particuarly with the heavy spotlight. Isn't it nice to get a new mix of models? I'm going to try and grab them again for more photos this summer.

Also did my Fish Tea photoshoot, and although I think the photograph is only okay, it suddenly seems to have gotten really popular, which is kind of cool. I might end up reshooting it at some point though....

I had a Mad Hatter Tea Party for my birthday a few days ago, and although I didn't really get any photographs, I was thinking of doing an Alice in Wonderland inspired photoshoot soon anyways. Any interest in that?

Also shooting a new Feral photoshoot of Chry in the upcoming weeks.... so expect more of that!
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Hello once again, kittens o' ours.

If you haven't noticed, Cio is pretty much just randomly uploading lots of random shots she's taken. I know you guys generally prefer our fashion/glamour and weirdo blood type of stuff, but we haven't had much of a chance to do shoots lately. We did go to the beach last weekend (the same one from before) and Cio got some awsome shots there, but they're all on film.... so they shall be uploaded once prints are made! And hopefully another shoot will be done in the future. You know, in our infinate spare time.

Other than that, life is incredibly good. INCREDIBLY good.

I hope all you are just as well.
Stay out of trouble..... or at least don't get caught.
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Hello once again kittens!

Since some of you requested it, I (Cio) have finally gotten around to posting some of my non-photography work. It's nothing great, just a few recent pieces I've been kicking around. None of them are necessarily done, but have come to enough of a standstill that I'm happy with them for the most part.

Also, I NEED HELP! I'm working on this huge painting of a fox rapping around a rabbit in an egg/moon. I really like it so far, but it feels like it needs something else, and I'm not sure what. If you guys could PLEASE go to my scraps and give me feedback, it would be GREATLY appriciated.... I just don't know where else to go with it right now....

Also, more Thailand photography coming in the next few days. I already have one or two picked out and finalized, but I feel like I've updated enough for today, so I'll let you kick these around for now.
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Hello kittens, Cio again...

As always, sorry for the lack of updates.... Chry and I just haven't had much time or motivation to do anything, particuarly with the craziness of the holidays (and the joy the retail business is as such.....). But on the upside we've been thinking about starting a stock gallery, since those are easy to do and look like fun. Not to mention useful for our own art.

I'm here in Bangkok, Thailand and have been for the past 2 weeks. I'm just updating to say I've gotten a couple fucking BRILLIANT shots that are, like, national geographic quality (she says modestly). Anyways, I'll update with those photos as soon as I get home in a few days, both with the amazing photos and the mediocure ones.

Much love to all and hope you have an enjoyable new years! Don't get into too much trouble..... or at least don't get caught.....
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Yeah yeah, we know it's been ages since we've updated this damn thing. Unfortunately there hasn't been many photoshoots going on lately, or at least not digital. The two of us have been putting more effort into traditonal "fine arts" (like photography isn't a fine art.... what bull) and for some reason we never really posted much of our non-photography stuff here. We will if you guys want us to, we just never got the idea that that was that popular.

AAAAAAnyways, hopefully we'll have at least one new shoot coming up. I (Cio) have been doing some non-digital stuff that perhaps I'll post if I can find a decent scanner....

In any case, ta lovies and we hope your own art is going well!
Okay, have been doing a few slight photoshoots lately. I know it's not our usual "crazy" style, but just trying to get some basic technicals down, since we're mostly self taught. Cio is going to LA to study photography for a month and Chry to study painting, so hopefully there'll be some updates from that.

More recently we have our flower fetish photoshoot in the white flower field. Lots of good pictures from that, so we can post quite a few if anyone's interested.

Cross your fingers that we'll get new models soon! I know everyone must be getting bored of seeing the two of us over and over and over again.....
Greetings once again from Cio and Chry.

So, went to fanime con 2006 and spent a load of money on pictures, and we didn't even make a damn profit. It was all very frustrating. It was so different from last year, we were just incredibly unprepared for the drastic changes. But at least it was fun and I hope everyone enjoyed seeing our pictures.... maybe some new people are checking out our site now? That would be cool.... drop by a note saying hi! We hope you enjoy our complete works!

So, we're almost a hundred dollars in the hole, but oh well.... that's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.....
Alright, in case you haven't noticed, we've kind of been getting into a new, simpler style of photoshoot with a heavy emphsis on lights and next to none on clothes. Playing more with the simple technicalities than our complex and hard to find the time for photoshoots.

I'm sure the change isn't permenent, for those of you who don't like the new style... you'll see plenty of our old type of photographs more in a month or two!
Alright, so our account has been... sparce up updates lately, I know. And we apologize sincerely. Again, life is craziness. So, because Chry has been bugging me constantly, I'm uploading a bunch of old pictures of ours. I'm not sure if they're "deviantart worthy", but take a look and see what you like.

On the upside, we have been accepted to attend CSSSA (California State Summer School for the Arts), Chry for painting and Cio for photography! So hopefully when that comes about in July you guys will be getting a LOT more updates!

Stay tuned and enjoy! I promised we haven't died!

Greetings to all:

Again, our sincerest apologies for the complete lack of updates.... again, life is crazy and we're both struggling to keep our school work up. We're going to the beach next weekend, though, for beltane and hopefully we will find some pictures there to post.

In other news, we are setting up a booth memorial day weekend at fanime con in San Jose, CA. I doubt any of you are going, but I thought I'd mention to come seek us out if you are. We'll be selling prints and hanging out and whatnot, all three days.
Alright, so we'll have a couple updates in the next few days, since we did a quick photoshoot last Wednesday. It started out as our school project and morphed into a digital shoot.... the pictures aren't as elaborate as some of our others due to time constraints, but they're still pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself.
Alright, sorry, we KNOW it's been a month or two since we've updated, but it's been a really hectic time for us..... our lives are really screwy right now, so any time we've had to do a photoshoot, it's gone towards school projects.

Actually, we did a photoshoot, but none of the pictures turned out great, or at least not deviant art worthy....

Hopefully we'll have another either this weekend or the next, so stay tuned! We have not died and we shall be back, just as soon as we can!
So what does everyone think of our Lady in White shoot? There's one more to come, which I'll post tomorrow (I only post one picture a day, max). We went to a whole lot of trouble for this one, including stealing a dress from the costume loft at school. Oh well....

A couple ideas for the next one. We were thinking maybe something with a gypsy girl. Or a fairy girl/angel in a flowing dress sitting in a tree with a lantern or candle. We also had an idea of using my bass guitar for, like, a rockscene kind of picture. What're you guys interested in?

Watched Gingersnaps the other day because everyone kept saying we reminded them of the two girls from it. It was cute, and we both liked it (we're obsessed with werewolves), but we're curious as to whether you guys think we're really that morbid... I mean, we both have very cheerful dispositions! Thinking of posting some kind of "blooper"  pictures of us goofing around during our shoots (we have some really funny pics) in our scraps folder. Any interest?
Okay, my sincereist apologies for all the random still lifes..... Cio has just been entertaining her boredom and playing with her new camera....

Hopefully some new pictures will be posted this weekend! We have two new ideas (weird portraits, of course) that we're totally psyched about. Unfortunately finals are coming up and we've got lots of work, so we're hoping we have time, as well as good weather.

Apparently we have a free week of deviantart subscription.... that's kind of weird..... I'm not sure what to do with it......
So, did two photoshoots today, though didn't spend much time on our second one. Put several hours into our "Feral Child" photoshoot, which turned out nicely. Unforunately, I'm leaving early tomorrow for a trip, and won't be back for another week, so most of the pics from these shoots won't be up until then.... hopefully with lots more!

Loves and kisses to all!
My baby, my baby, I got my baby digital! His name is Ashling, meaning dream, and now my film camera shall be known as Ashwin, meaning star. Yes, I know I'm weird, I name all of my appliances.....

I've only just started fooling with it, but hopefully I'll have some new pictures up soon!

They're both canon EOS rebels, my digital is an XT and my film is a Ti. So it IS sort of like they're brothers.....

I love my babies!
Feeling a LOT better, thanks everyone for the encouragement! I guess yesterday was just one of those days.... and I'm once again super excited about getting my new camera!

In any case, I was wondering about getting a print account.... do people actually BUY prints? Would it be worth spending $25? Would anyone HERE actually buy any of my prints?
I'm kind of at a sudden point where photography and deviantart don't matter much. I've been on obsessively the past couple of months, but suddenly it doesn't seem to matter anymore. I get compliments in the comments that I just skim over, to the point where sometimes I just delete them without reading them.... they always just feel so empty. And the criticisms are sometimes okay, but sometimes I don't think the person whose commenting has any idea what they're talking about, and they don't understand because they didn't spend three hours trying to photograph a stupid tea cup.

I think I'm becoming a bit jaded. It's my art, and I've come to the conclusion where I don't give a damn about what anyone else thinks about it. So what's the point of this site at all?
So I've started putting frames around pictures and I want your guys' opinions..... does this make them look any better? Please go check out my gallery… and let me know if those three pictures with frames look any better! Really, REALLY appriciated!